Who ate the Cheese

Age 3-5 | £8.99

In our inspiring children’s bedtime story...

  • Develop role play activities and solve the mystery
  • Meet a delightful family of mice and their friends
  • Follow a mysterious trail of cheese crumbs

About this product

A Blue Mouse adventure story to inspire young minds, making it the perfect  children’s  bedtime story. Follow the trail of crumbs with Blue Mouse to find out ... Who ate the cheese?

What happens when Blue Mouse discovers an old bag and magnifying glass in the dressing up box?

The bright fun characters will amuse young children. Who ate the cheese is a funny children’s bedtime story guaranteed to develop confidence and appeal to early readers. Includes supportive ideas on sharing books with your child.

Click here for more supportive help and ideas.


screenshot of Children’s bedtime story - Who ate the Cheese screenshot of Children’s bedtime story - Who ate the Cheese

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Children even told their parents about it and used the ‘Who ate the cheese’ catch line in role-play games and bedtime stories!
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