Mouse Music (Windows only)

Age 3-8 | £0

Interactive music making game including preschool activities!

  • Sing along to popular preshool songs
  • Experiment with sound, rhythm and melody
  • Make your own music

About this product

Mouse Music is a highly entertaining and interactive music making game for three to six year olds. It provides children with delightful music making game and enjoyable activities, allowing children to experiment with sound, rhythm and melody.

They can sing along to popular preschool songs, compose their own fun songs, test their click and drag skills and improve word recognition within four different areas of learning.

Navigation is kept simple with a Chunky Cursor™ to help children move around the screen. Thismusic making game encourages a fun sense of learning.

A book of musical ideas can be used by professionals to supplement the entertaining activities on Mouse Music.


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There is something very satisfying about making your own music and children will come back again and again to this software. All the activities are great fun.

Technical specification

Intel Pentium II 500MHz, 64 Mb RAM, 8Mb Graphics Card, 16x CD-Rom Drive, Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/7, Vista

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