Little Star Playscript **Special Offer**

Age 3-8 | £0

Fun children’s Christmas play and CD for setting up a successful Christmas play.

Buy now for only £10 to get the "Little Star" festive play in plenty of time for Christmas and get a FREE copy of the "Who ate the Cheese?" book with every order. 

  • 11 backing tracks
  • Instructions on how to make 7 musical instruments
  • Activity sheets with costume ideas

About this product

Need a fresh idea for your children’s Christmas play? Try The Little Star play. This great resource contains everything a busy professional needs to make a successful play.

Designed to support teachers with their children’s Christmas play working with children from the age of 3 to 8 years, it has lots of opportunity for fun.

Find out what happens when poor Wind catches a cold and accidentally blows the Little Star away from her special post.

  • Timesaving resource
  • Gentle narrative
  • Supports the Literacy Hour and the Early Learning Goals
  • Literacy ideas for Key Stage 1
  • Creative costume ideas and templates
  • 8 extra ideas with activity sheets
  • Free CD provides 11 backing tracks
  • Instructions to make 7 musical instruments


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Easy to use playscript and CD to use with 3-8 year olds
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