Its About Length 1

Age 3-7 | £0

A great maths for KS1 resource to help young kids learn how to measure.

  • Match and order
  • Use different rulers
  • Solve simple problems

About this product

This maths for KS1 resource will support the teaching of measuring and comes complete with fun activities and delightful characters- learning couldn't be easier! These maths for KS1 games include preschool activities to help you support your child as they enjoy discovering how to measure.

In this maths for KS1 resource there are lots of fun activities and tools. Help your child to sort out the mice and measure objects using different types of rulers. Children  can also make their own pictures using handy tools in the toolbox, which include lots of amusing characters as well as a range of rulers and a handy pencil tool.

screenshot from It's about length 1- maths for KS1 resource screenshot from It's about length 1 maths for KS1 resource

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The different rulers and bright characters in this maths resource make this a really fun way to learn.

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