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Below are the answers to the most common questions that we receive about our Mouseclub CD-ROM’s. Please read through these FAQ’s first if you have a problem before contacting support.

Should these FAQ’s not solve your problem, then please email us at or call us on 0161 247 7932.

It would be helpful if you were to know what version of Windows (click the start menu and read up the left hand side) or Mac OS (click the apple menu and select About this Mac) you are running and also the basic specification of the computer – Processor (or CPU) speed and amount of RAM installed in particular. If you do not know this information then an indication of how old the computer is would be helpful. If you are ringing in for support, it is also helpful if you could be next to the computer and have it turned on when you call.

Home User FAQ’S

The program will not run

Check that you have both Flash and Shockwave installed. These are currently available to download free of charge from the Adobe website:

Flash -

Shockwave -

Check that your computer meets the minimum specifications – you can find these at the bottom of each product page.

I can’t print from Mouse Studio but I can print from other programs

Close Mouse Studio and check that your default printer is connected to your computer and turned on. Please note that this has to be a physical printer (not an Adobe PDF Writer, Fax Printer or Microsoft XPS Writer for example). To change your default printer, right click the printer you want to use (printers can be found within the control panel) and select ‘Set as Default Printer’. When you open Mouse Studio again you will be able to print.

Where do I find my saved pictures?

If you look in the ‘My Documents’ folder you will find a folder called Mouse Studio Pictures. All the images should be saved in there for the current logged in user. You may need to log in as a different user to find your pictures if you have more than one login on the computer.

Technical FAQ’s (recommended for advanced users only)

Can Mouseclub software be run over a network?

Officially, no. Unofficially yes, so long as you have bought the appropriate number of licences of course!

It has worked for most of our customers but occasionally they do run into issues, particularly where the machines have been locked down. Bear in mind that although it does work in most instances, we do not guarantee it to work, nor do we officially provide support for network installs. Please note that flash and/or shockwave may need to be installed on all relevant client machines.

The program won’t run over a network

The programs themselves are self contained within their own folder and do not install dll’s all over the place. There are 2 exceptions to this, dependent on the programs installed – one is that user’s saved files are saved in their profile (within the My Documents folder – Mouse Studio is a good example of this) and also that some of the programs require flash and/or shockwave to be installed before they will work.

Assuming flash and shockwave have been installed successfully, a common cause of problems are the permissions on the Macromed directory. All users who require access to the flash content will need to have read and write permissions to the following directory and all the files within: C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\(assuming c:\windows is the system directory).

Failing this, further investigation will be needed as to the cause of the issue(s). We recommend using a program like Process Monitor to help troubleshoot the problem (available free from the Microsoft website:

I can’t install Flash player/Shockwave player!

First, make sure that you are logged on with administrative rights. Both the Flash and Shockwave installation programs require that you are an administrator. If you don't have administrator access to your Windows computer, you may not be able to install the Flash Player successfully.

You should be able to install and use the Adobe Flash Player if your system administrator gives you full access to the Macromed directory C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\ (assuming c:\windows is your system directory)

If you still cannot install flash and are logged on as an administrator, then you could try the instructions from the following Adobe link to fix potential registry permissions. Please note that you follow these instructions at your own risk:

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