Parents & Carers Activities

Below you will find a selection of activities to do with preschoolers that are educational, perfect for a rainy day and are great to do together!

Snap CardsSnap Cards

Print out as many copies as you like to make your very own snap game.

Number CardsNumber Cards

Help children learn to recognise and order numbers from 1 – 10.

Character CardsCharacter Cards

Print out your favourite Mouse Club character and talk or write about him or her.

Alphabet CardsAlphabet Cards

Print out a copy of each of the 26 alphabet cards and choose one to play a simple game of I spy.

Find my partnerFind my partner

Each pair of mice has a letter missing, sometimes it is the capital, other times it is the lower case.

Address BookAddress Book

Children can practise writing addresses and it would also make a lovely gift for grandma.

Recipe BookRecipe Book

Encourage children into the kitchen by printing out and filling in a recipe sheet. Don’t forget to add pictures too!